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Zaltrap - Kinect Game

Zaltrap - Kinect Based Game:

This game was a client-project that I designed and programmed while working at Big Paw Games. The client wanted a fun and educational game that utilized the Kinect and I feel we delivered a very engaging experience.
The company develops an anti-cancer drug, and they planned to use this on showroom floors and in their offices to help people understand the drug. We ended up building a game that had a mechanical flytrap (at the request of the client) and It would follow the players hand, as it came close to a protein, it will snap shut.

What did I do?

I managed to hook the Xbox Kinect's SDK into Unity within a weekend, Xbox had great support. We then found ourselves with quite a few different questions, like whats the best way to detect movements, what feels the most enjoyable and what isn't too complicated for people to use. Some of the things I experimented with are:
  • Scanning lots of different people and detecting gestures, which worked but was requiring too much movement, such as your other arm swinging to cause your flytrap to bight
  • Using both arms distance to operate each the upper and lower jaw of the fly trap - Which we found too exhausting over long use (Also the Kinect couldn't handle people clapping, it would loose track of the hands)
  • Using one arm that autosnaps when near a protein (Which we ended up on).
  • I also had to do some funky things with animations to create the perfect rotations and movements that we see in the video below. After 4 weeks had the project complete and ready for production

    I also made a video showing off the movements of the game and talking about how I problem solved with it.