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Tiny Assasian

Tiny Assassin:

Tiny assassin was a prototype game concept where you play as an assassin planning out his next hit. The game plays from the Assassins perspective who's looking at the blueprints of the targets castle planning exactly how he wants to attack, and visualizing it in real time. We also integrated a time mechanic that allows the player to reverse back, to simulate the assassin changing his mind.

What did I do?

It took 2 weeks to make this prototype, and that included building all the technology that was needed to run the game.
I constructed a 2D framework to allow animations to play from a sprite sheet, reducing the draw calls (This was made before Unity2D framework was released).
I also constructed a level editor that would bake the entire level into a single texture sheet, making the scenery of the level essentially one draw call.

This game was a lot of fun to make, and is hopefully equally fun to play!

You can play the game underneath

Please Note: You'll need to play the game in Firefox or Internet Explorer as the Unity3D Web Builds doesn't work anymore for Chrome