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Simple Behaviour Tree Editor

Adam Pinto
This tool is to help simplify AI creation and give the ability for non-programmers to create / tweak AI for games.

2D Dynamic Mesh Generation

Adam Pinto
This tool is to help give really smooth, interesting looking terrain for a 2D game - Based of the Ubiart engine

Simple Social Integration for IOS and Android

Adam Pinto
This tool is to simplify adding social integration to mobile apps, something that would normally take some time setting up, now takes minutes

Style Sheet Designer

Adam Pinto
This tool was to help give control to lead artists and to simplify the production of levels

Camera Spline Toolset

Adam Pinto
This tool is to help make cameras in 2D games easy and flexible, without sacrificing quality.

2D Map Editor

Adam Pinto
This was a map designer I built a few years ago, It's very optimized and generates XML files of the map.

Animation Toolset

Adam Pinto
Before Unity had any 2D support, I made this tool to create optimized 2D games with sprite-based animations