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Style Sheet Designer

Style Sheet Designer

The style sheet designer was a tool I made to simplify and speed up placement of obstacles in the map, and help facilitate a continuous style.

What does it do?

The Style Sheet designer allows artists and designers to create sets of assets based of genre and environment. Each set contains 4 different assets, the Front, top and 2 side pieces. Each block is made up of these 4 assets. This means that if a designer is using a certain genre of block, then he's restricted to using the pre-determined set of assets.
Also, to make it easier for artists, they're able to select the block object and there will be a list of all available assets. The artists at the studio I'm currently working at find it really good when they're trying to add slight variance, It means they don't need to dig through folders, everything they need is right there.
For decorative sets of objects, such as fence pieces, I've also added a collection attached to the set and an interactive collection, used for levels and doors. The blocks also snap to a grid meaning they all align perfectly when next to each other.

How does it work?

It works by saving the objects as XML files and storing their sets in another XML asset. I also use a variety of Editor scripting, such as Editor windows for the main tool, and editor extensions for when the user selects the object in the Hierarchy.

I'm unable to share the code at the moment, but if you have any questions, I'd be happy to awnser them