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2D Map Editor

2D Map Editor

This was a map editor I made quite a few years ago. It was made before Unity2D was added so It took quite a bit of coding to get it optimized and ready for mobile gaming.

How does it work?

As I said earlier, this was made before Unity had any support for 2D, which meant that if you wanted to do efficient 2D programming, you need to do it yourself. Also, this was in the time where drawcalls really affected your game (For mobile app development) and you wanted to reduce them as much as possible so sprite batching was essentially the only option.
The method I made for this system was creating an sprite sheet, the assets importing was controlled with an Editor tool that specified the subdivisions and the pixels size and such, and then I would custom create all the meshes on the screen and change their UV spacing. This meant that I could use I sprite sheet for the majority of the backgrounds and reduce the drawcalls to 1 single draw call per layer.

What about Animation Files?

We found that we wanted sprite-based animations for our characters, at the time, It's how we decided to do it, so I developed a 2D animation framework which gave the artists all the tools they need to get efficient sprite animations, while not loosing on drawcalls, you can find it here.

What can it do?

The Editor has the ability to pull from multiple sprite sheets, this does add an extra draw call. It also lets the artist rotate, invert and flip all the tiles, to help reduce sprite data load. Also, in one of the pictures you can see a bunch of coloured cubes being painted on. This was my system for collision, It was incredibly efficient collision that used practically processing. It also meant the artists could paint the collision on directly. The system also allowed for multiple layers, such as an upstairs and downstairs, but again, the alpha-check adds another drawcall.

If you'd like to see more, or grab a copy of the code, feel free to contact me!