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Rolling Bear

Client: Big Paw Games
Rolling Bear was my end of year game, It was coded with C++ using the Gamebryo Engine (Used in Skyrim).

Tiny Assassin

Adam Pinto
Tiny Assassin was a game I made to explore some interesting idea's on time manipulation and artistic design

Fruit Charmeleon

Adam Pinto
Fruit Charmeleon was a game I programmed back in University, you play as a charmeleon trying to eat some falling fruit!

Flabby Bird

Adam Pinto
Flabby Bird was a one-day challenge I did, I wanted to incorporate networking and try and turn Flappy Bird into something unique

Wave Game

Adam Pinto
This was a test demo I made to explore what I could do with mesh modification, and I stumbled onto this!

Paper Ponds

Adam Pinto
This is a 2 player game that I designed with some friends once, It's a surprisingly fun turn-based game!

Football AI Test

Adam Pinto
This was a quick test for the AI Behavior Tree Editor to see if I could quickly make a Football game

Rope Game

Adam Pinto
This was made in a 48 hour game making competition, It was incredibly interesting working with rope physics!