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Simple Behaviour Tree Editor

Behaviour Tree Editor

This was a tool I made a couple of years ago, It allows the user to create fully-usable behaviours trees. I made this tool specifically for an Gridiron game that we were developing at Mosoga, I wanted to give the designers a simple, effective way to design the behaviours without me or another programmer having to get too involved. I also wanted to learn N-GUI (Before any real GUI support for Unity) and this was my way of doing it. The tool took about 4 days to make.

How does it work?

The tool uses N-GUI for display the textures and exports the Behaviour Tree as an XML, which can be imported and run. If you'd like to see the behaviours in action, please click here. The logic is as expected, It uses Sequencers, Selectors, Conditions and Actions and I've developed a very simple system that converts the text-string attached by the designer into function-calls.

How do I use it?

If you'd like to give it a show, I've got a web-build underneath, It's currently unable to load the XML's I designed for the Grid Iron game as the system was designed for desktop use, but you should be able to create some tree's and explore the tool.

Arrow Keys to move around
Right-click to open the node selection window
To link nodes, Drag the plus symbol attached to the bottom of the node to the next node
You can drag the top-layer nodes and the subsequent layers will move too

Please Note: You'll need to play the game in Firefox or Internet Explorer as the Unity3D Web Builds doesn't work anymore for Chrome