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2D Animation and Optimization Toolset

2D Animation Toolset

Before Unity has any 2D support, we had to make our own. This was my version of it, essentially did a lot of what the 2D toolset does now (Very basically and not as pretty), but It did most of the job.

What does it do?

The toolset allowed us to use Sprite Sheets and to create sprite-based animations. The system would allow for everything you'd need for sprite based animations, such as how long you want to see each frame and how you want the animation to play for.

What does it do?

In order for it to work, I have to generate a mesh and use the mesh's UV's to align the section of the Material. The trick for optimized sprite sheets is for the meshes to share a material, the problem is, if we change the materials UV's, It'll change the the UV's on every mesh using that material, which is why I use the Mesh's UV's instead. This method is a bit more complicated, but works quite well.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email, or leave a comment bellow.